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    Is perspective and quickly developed marine agency. Our staff consisting of skillful marine specialists to verify the qualification of seafarers. We are situated in Jakarta, Indonesia, in which you know there are a lot of excellent seafarers with large experience & young perspective specialists. Our main target is safety of navigation and that is the reason why all our seafarers are duly selected according to the terms and conditions of work onboard of Principal’s vessel.

    Tailored Manning Requirements

    We can tailor your requirements to suit your needs, we provide officers and crews from Indonesian. Providing a full range of personnel from traditional Officer and crew ranks for deep sea and coastal vessels, to some more specialized personnel for offshore construction projects including Coded Welders, Crane Operators, and pipe fitters.

    Licensing and Documentation

    All Flag state licenses are applied for and arranged on your behalf with qualified, competent & experienced personnel in accordance with flag state and STCW requirements Documentation and training courses will be arranged certified and verified to ensure personnel are fully up to date with relevant documentation

    As a Crew Management we handle all crew matter, including:

    Selection and Recruitment

    • Verification of Certification, Documentation and Experience
    • Assessment of Competency and English language ability Appraisal of training needs
    • Selection of appropriate crew for ship managed

    Pre employment

    • Verify candiadates Cv with Seaman Book records
    • Medically Fit Examination Indo sehat medical centre
    • Crew Contract and Endorsement
    • And other formalities

    Travel Arrangement

    • Visa Arrangement
    • Ticket Arrangement
    • Local Transportation arrangement
    • Airport handling arrangement

    Appointed Agent for Crew Handling

    • Crew escort for joining and repatriation
    • Accommodation prior joining and repatriation if needed
    • Necessity of crew documentation