In order to recruit the most competent and qualified crew to work onboard Principal’s vessels, we maintain a stringent recruitment procedure with multi-layered interviews and assessments for competency/skill level and English Ability.We have a team of dedicated Assessors with many years experience in crewing and resource management.
    • Competency Assessment
    A competency assessment focuses on how well the crew is performing the required job skills in relation to specified performance standards. Each candidate shall be given about 15 minutes time to answer written questions relating to skills and job description of position he wishes to apply. Each position has different written questions. The Assessor will conduct more comprehensive interview with the candidate based on candidate’s written test answers.
    • English Assessment
    This assessment is to measure candidate’s English level, including his communication, reading and writing skills. We are aware that English language is very essential and we need to make sure that each of our crew has good English ability. Officer must have at least “good” score on his English assessment result and “average” score for rating, in order to proceed further.
    • Computer Based Testing (CBT)
    • CES 4.1 Competency Test from Seagull SA
    • Marlins English Test

    PT MADERLAND Crew Management believes in the importance of crew training in the efficient and safe operation of its principal’s vessels. To accommodate this, we built a training facility in its main office in Jakarta to conduct short courses, seminars and familiarization in order to improve our seafarer’s skills and qualification, including safety knowledge.
    • STCW Training Arrangement at the third party
    We make coordination with several maritime training centers in Indonesia for conducting specialized training of STCW trainings and certificate renewal/revalidation. 
    • Pre-employment Training
    We conduct the required pre-employment training/orientation briefing for each crew before joining. Included in topics being discussed during this training are the types of vessels they will board, their respective duties and responsibilities, including Principal’s policy, SMS and HSE Policy.
    • Maritime English Training
    We conduct short courses of Maritime English and Report Writing in order to improve the English competency of our crew.
    • Video Training
    We are able to conduct video training for each of crew before joining, as required by Principal.