• Crew Management System

    Crew Management Software by Crew Inspector
    Our system is supported by the integrated crew management software by Crew Inspector that enable us to find the most appropriate candidate with detailed filtering options in a more effective and efficient way.
    • Updating Seafarer database information, including the basic personal information, certificates/licenses, medical record, service history, travel document, assessment record, and appraisal record
    • Doing Selection process, in order to find the most suitable candidate with Principal/standard’s requirements
    • Arranging Seafarer Employment Agreement, soft copy of SEA of each joiner shall be signed before joining
    • Monitoring Onboard Crew
    • Controlling and monitoring Crew Planning, including crew replacement arrangement
    • Managing Travel Arrangement, including ticketing, visa/LG, airport handling and departure confirmation
    • Preparing Finance administration, including crew payroll and invoice
    • Maintaining data of Insurance & Claims

    • Graphical planning