Is perspective and quickly developed marine agency. Our staff consisting of skillful marine specialists to verify the qualification of seafarers. We are situated in Jakarta, Indonesia, in which you know there are a lot of excellent seafarers with large experience & young perspective specialists. Our main target is safety of navigation and that is the reason why all our seafarers are duly selected according to the terms and conditions of work onboard of Principal’s vessel.
    Tailored Manning Requirements
    We can tailor your requirements to suit your needs; we provide officers and crews from Indonesian. Providing full range of personnel from traditional Officer and crew ranks for deep sea and coastal vessels, to some more specialized personnel for offshore construction projects including Coded Welders, Crane Operators, and pipe fitters.

    Licensing and Documentation
    All Flag state licenses are applied for and arranged on your behalf with qualified, competent & experienced personnel in accordance with flag state and STCW requirements Documentation and training courses will be arranged certified and verified to ensure personnel are fully up to date with relevant documentation
    As a Crew Management we handle all crew matter, including:
    Selection and Recruitment

    • Verification of Certification, Documentation and Experience
    • Assessment of Competency and English language ability Appraisal of training needs
    • Selection of appropriate crew for ship managed

    Pre employment

    • Verify Candidates Cv with Seaman Book records
    • Medically Fit Examination   GLOBAL MEDIKAL
    • Crew Contract and Endorsement
    • And other formalities

    Travel Arrangement

    • Visa Arrangement
    • Ticket Arrangement
    • Local Transportation arrangement
    • Airport handling arrangement

    Appointed Agent for Crew Handling

    • Crew escort for joining and repatriation
    • Accommodation prior joining and repatriation if needed
    • Necessity of crew documentation

    Indonesian Seafarers Qualified and Competent

    Indonesian is now one of the largest suppliers of marine man power in the world.
    PT. MADERLAND CREWING AGENCY  formed its agency in the Indonesian in 2001. With over 8 years of established firm experience in the Indonesian we believe we will offer the highest level of service. Indonesia seafarers are proven and tested for the high quality seafarer and their ability to mix with other nationalities. For the ship owner the cost of manning their vessel with Indonesia seafarers is very attractive.

    We propose Owners to recruit qualified and competent Indonesian officers and ratings for international crews and our main objective is to supply our Principal with crew/seafarers who are well disciplined, qualified and competent. Our crew members will hold their rating certificate of competency, and will have successfully passed the pre‐employment medical examination by International standards, as laid down in the S.T.C.W. (Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers) International Convention of 78/95.
    The vessels with captains, mates, engineers, engine and deck ratings from our Agency are operating worldwide  (Seas of Northern Europe, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Indian Ocean, Southern East Asia, Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, East and West Atlantic ocean etc.
    Why choose us
    All of our crews and officers are carefully selected to meet the specific requirements of Owners and vessel types. Extensive interviews and testing techniques are undertaken to ensure you will have Competent, highly trained and reliable ships personnel.
    Competitive Management Fee
    We effectively manage our budgets and costing to allow us to offer our clients a highly competitive management fee.
    24 Hour Cover

    We provide cover 24 hours using our modern wireless computer systems and devices giving you efficient cover should and issue need assistance out of normal office hours.
    PT. MADERLAND CREWING AGENCY  is a Crewing Manning Agency Office based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Specializing in recruitment and supply an Indonesian seafarer to international and domestic shipping operations. It has been in the Crew Manning business since 2001 with a number of clients in several countries that operates merchant ships, cruise ship, offshore vessels and fishing vessels either Complete Crew Management.
    We are professional in sending the required crew directly from Jakarta to country destination thus making it most efficient and economical mobilization of crews. The Crew members will be sent when we have the list of Crew members required and letter of guarantee issued by the company principals. With a quality system, highly qualified staff and an extensive network of sub contractors (crew agents overseas, medical centers, travel agents, training centers and crew handling agents)                                  PT. MADERLAND CREWING AGENCY   is ready to manage your crewing requirement… 
    PT.MADERLAND CREWING AGENCY   provides a quality service where our customers have total confidence in our ability to manage the human resources that we are responsible for on their behalf, leaving them the freedom to concentrate on the other aspects of ship operation, management and ownership. We offer various crew management combinations which can be designed specifically to your needs. We can either provide some of the crew or supply a full crew complement where we take full responsibility for the entire crew. In all cases, we work very closely with you maintaining close contact so that a solid relationship is built up. We are experienced in manning:       
    • Ship Industry
    9,And Many More..

    We propose to Owners to recruit qualified and competent Indonesian officers and ratings for international crews and our main objective is to supply our Principal with crew/seafarers who are well disciplined, qualified and competent.
    Welcome to Crew Talk, a forum area of the Palau job where you can discuss issues with follow seafarers, ask questions  share job, and  stories, give advice or simply leave your opinion on something that’s important to you. Always Peace..!
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    As anyone who is familiar with the maritime industry is aware, working on a vessel at sea can be dangerous. Unfortunately thousands of maritime workers are injured each year while performing their jobs, many of whom lose their lives
     Indonesia Merchant Marine Institute

    Indonesia Merchant Marine Institute

    Certificate of Indonesian’s Seafarer Online
    GOC-ORU   online http://pelaut.dephub.go.id/     
    Mr. Tiwari as Managing Director
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    Mr. ALVANDY as Operational Manager   
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    Ms. Johanriya as Secretary/ Accountant manager                  
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    We welcome all applications,
    Please read Instruction below before applied your CV.
    This form comprises an essential part of the selection process
    Attach company application &requested to fill all required detail
    1.      Attach your current CV and including contact details, email id, and phone/mobile numbers of           your previous company for our reference (owners requested)
    2.      Make sure that your passport, Seaman Book, Certificates Are valid and up-to-date
    3.      The information provided by you in this application form, will be used by us or an Authorized representative to conduct enquires as may be necessary at our discretion.
    4.      Your application form will not be returned back to you after the completion of the recruitment process, Your application form will be evaluated and validated by our Crewing Department.
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